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New: We have a beautiful instrumental album (great for dancing, parties and coveted by DJs) it comes
with an unreleased track "VOLARE" with vocals by Jimmy and Tommy!!!

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Purchase the THE FIRST ALBUM
(it goes by two names..."My Tr ue Love is" or "A Nig ht in the Arms of")
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Songs on first album: Introduction, Stormy Weather, Hi Ball Swing, Cha Cha Cha, Sentimental Guy,
I Love Life, Love Me Cha Cha, Sweet Apple Pie, I'll Take Manhattan, Cash in my Pocket, My Baby, Havana, Tales of Loneliness






"Hot els, Lim ousines and La wn Chairs"
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Songs on Second album: Umelina, Don't Let the Sun, Somedays, Skit, Mi Corazon, Big Strong Man,
Skit, Over You, Summertime, Especially Strong Cha Cha, Skit, I Drink






Released September 23, 2007
The Music Comes from Rome" 1 unreleased track with vocals "VOLARE" &
15 Tracks of Instrumental Fun (tracks below)
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15 Tracks on Instrumental album: Big Strong Man, Cash In My Pocket, Cha CHa CHa, Don't Let The Sun, Havanah, High Ball swing, I drink, Love me CHa CHa Cha, Ma-n I love, Mi Corazon, Rainy Days, Somedays,
Sweet Apple Pie, The Toxic E-lectric Cha, Umelina, VOLARE (with VOCALS)







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