November 8, 09

tricks of the shade

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Track Listing:

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1. We Got Freaks

2. Typical American

3. Hangerhead Is Born

4. Whatcha Got Is Whatcha Gettin'

5. Columbus' Boat Ride

6. Ru Down Wit Da Goats

7. Cumin' Is Ya Ear

8. Noriega's Coke Stand

9. Got Kinda Hi

10. Unodostresquattro

11. George Bush Kids

12. Wrong Pot 2 Piss In

13. Hip-Hopola

14. Leonard Peltier In A Cage

15. ?Do The Digs Dug?

16. Carnival Cops

17. TV Cops

18. Tattooed Lady

19. Tricks Of The Shade

20. Not Not Bad

21. Rovie Wade, The Sword Swallower

22. Aaah D Yaaa

23. Drive-By Bumper Cars

24. Burn The Flag

25. Uncle Scam's Shotting Gallery


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